Parent Update 9/25

Dear Windsor Parents, Guardians, & Caregivers,

We feel very fortunate to be able to lead this wonderful school filled with great students and caring adults. We are so thankful for all of you and for the feedback you have shared with us. As many of our counselors, teachers and staff may have already said to you, “We want to have a strong partnership with you so that we can support your child and all of our students in our supervisory union.”  We are thankful for all of our families who are keeping students home when they are not feeling good, just to be safe.  

New Information for ALL:

Phase III
Dr. Baker sent an SU email in which he clarified what Phase 3 means for us.  To reiterate,  the Governor announced that we are moving to Phase III. As we look at those guidelines, there really are no major changes for us. The biggest change will be for those schools that were NOT going 5 days a week. Our school is continuing to follow the  guidelines of masking, distancing, hand-washing and health checks. So we will stay as we are for now. Our sports teams will be able to start playing other local schools - so that was good news.

Who to Call When Out Sick
K-6:  802-674-8225 Alissa Nelson
7-12: 802-672-8305 Wendy Moody 
Please note that when a student is absent, there will be a follow up call from the nurse.

Oct 5 afternoon clarity
In a recent eblast, Dr. Baker stated that afternoon remote work would not start until October 5th.  Please note that this message was meant for K-8 students and families.  High School classes (including 8th graders in algebra) will continue as planned.  Sorry for any confusion.

Reminder that lunches are free until December 31st.  Please give our new program a try.

WSESU Student Parent Compact If you have not done so yet, please complete by 9/30/2020. 

High School Information:
VHS/EdOptions Student Information Alert -  An email has been sent to both students and parents for VHS EdOpt courses. Students need to  check their email daily AND their dashboard daily.  All courses have started.

Elementary and Middle School (K-8) Information:
TMP- Track My Progress- is our local assessment that will take place 3 times during the school year: fall, winter and spring.  Our Fall TMP testing window will take place between October 5th and 20th. 

Helpful links:

School Website with daily bulletin

School Calendar 

Health & Safety Handbook 

AUP - Acceptable Use Policy form for school laptop use

We wish all of Windsor School Families a relaxing and fun weekend.

Warm regards,
Colleen DeSchamp & Kate Ryan