Parent Update - Sept. 4th

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

     We hope this letter finds you and yours in good health and ready to start the school year. We know the first day of school brings on thoughts of hope for a successful and happy school year as well as anxiety over handing your children off to us and entrusting us with their care and safety.  We know this year is different in so many ways.   We want you to know that, as administrators we take our responsibilities seriously, and more importantly, as parents who are also sending our children back to Windsor School this year, we understand, and we are here for you.   We hope this communication provides some clarity and peace of mind.  We continue to encourage you to reach out with thoughts, questions, and concerns.  We are trying hard to respond to all in a timely manner and we continue to thank you for your patience and support as we navigate new waters.

Drop Off
Parents and students are encouraged to follow staggered drop off.  Family last names starting with A-L are asked to drop off between 8 and 8:15.  M-Z are asked to arrive between 8:15 and 8:30.  Reminders for student entrances and health checks are as follows:

  1. K/1 Turf/ Gate Entrance, Parking Lot

  2. K/1 Playground Gate Entrance,  State Street

  3. 2nd - 6th  Main Entrance, Ascutney Street

  4. ⅞ and High School Walkers - Middle Entrance Door, Ascutney Street

  5. 9-12 - Rear Parking Lot Entrance, Theater Level

*Further clarification - The students being dropped off in cars, will be screened through the car window before they get out of the car and then they can proceed to their designated door.

We recognize that there may be kinks to work out in the first few days.  We will continue to communicate changes.  There will be no parking in spots in the upper parking lot, other than employees with handicap permits.

Please fill out the parent compact found here if you have not done so as of yet. 

Please note that all behaviors will be addressed age appropriately.  We are excited to see your children and will help them navigate the challenges this year will bring.


High School students will have the opportunity to grab lunch and go home at 11:00 am.  In most cases, remote HS classes start at 1pm.

K-8:  We will begin dismissing students from oldest to youngest so students responsible for picking up younger students may be waiting at the dismissal location.  All students will be dismissed through the door they entered.  School staff will be walking all students who are attending the Windsor Recreation Program to the Rec.  We thank them for this program.

In a typical year, scheduling is difficult.  This year it has proven more difficult.  As of the writing of this letter, schedules are 95 percent complete in power school.  There may be adjustments to come.  We thank you for your patience in this matter.  What we can assure is that on September 8th, your child will report to a homeroom teacher and be greeted and cared for by someone who is happy to see them.  We can’t wait.

What to Bring
Students are asked to bring essentials - backpacks, outerwear, and lunches.  For at least two weeks, school lunches will be provided at no cost to all.  We anticipate this lasting through December 31 but are waiting on the final approval of federal funds.  We have a new lunch provider this year and we encourage all students to try.  We are very excited about our delicious and nutritious meals.

Emergency Drills and Actual Emergencies
We will have one evacuation drill (aka fire drill) in the month of September.  The rest of our drills will be lessons and discussions of “What do we do if…”  In the case of an actual emergency, the focus is, first and foremost, getting to a safe location.  We may not be able to maintain social distancing during this time.

You are welcomed and encouraged to wear your own masks (except for gator style masks, bandanas, or masks with vents.)    We will provide a disposal mask for those that need and those that do not meet expectations.  Students in grade K-3 will receive a break away lanyard to attach a mask for safekeeping and cleanliness.  

Remote Learning Afternoons
9-12 are indicated in the power school schedule.  K-8 afternoons will be appropriate for grade level and student needs.  It will continually be developed to meet the needs of students.  More information will follow once students are feeling comfortable with computer expectations.  Chromebooks 1-12 may go home once the AUP is signed.  Please fill it out.  It can be found here.

In closing, we are privileged and honored to lead our staff and thankful to parents and our community for the endless support during these difficult times.  While we anticipate changes we are confident in our plan to keep students and staff safe and cared for this school year.  

Colleen DeSchamp & Kate Ryan