2020 Capstone Exhibition Schedule

Grade 12 - Graduation Requirement (0.5 credit)

Capstone is intended to be the culminating event of a Windsor student’s journey toward graduation and adult life, and signifies a completion of their Personal Learning Plan (PLP).  Capstone is essentially a project that involves an in-depth exploration of a student-chosen subject, with minimum restrictions, in a direction that is new to the student.   Ideally, a student will have identified and developed interests, skills, and personal aptitudes throughout the previous years’ PLP work, making the selection of a final project more meaningful and fulfilling - and somewhat less “scary’.   Teacher-advisors serve as facilitators and managers to help the student continue to develop the skills necessary to successfully complete a project of this type. The project must involve work with adults outside of the Windsor High School community; these may be mentors, interviewees, or professionals observed at work. Periodically, students present their progress and product development to their teacher-advisors or to a small panel, along with their interpretations of the meaning and application of that research.  
The senior Capstone course meets on a daily basis. Class time is devoted to activities that will help students independently plan, manage, and successfully complete their projects.
During the first quarter, students engage in background research in a field of choice and, using essential questions as their guide, narrow their topics until they become manageable. By the end of the quarter, students have produced written reports of work complete and material uncovered through research, as well as plans for the second quarter. In November, students defend their work to date in a forum, presenting to a small panel; their audience may also include other Windsor High School students.
In the second quarter, the student continues exploration and research of the topic, with increasing emphasis on application of the research to practical situations. Students develop greater understanding of the topic through analysis and synthesis of all work conducted to date, including plans for the implementation of a product of their own design. At the end of the semester, students prepare and submit a process binder of all work completed. Finally, during the week of midterm exams, each student engages in a formal public exhibition to an audience made up of peers, teachers, parents, and members of the greater community.

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